How Modern Booty name decreases

Most of us have got that buddy just who can’t put their cellphone down from the club. The dude that’s got eight book talks with ladies taking place at once. You are wanting to get brand-new chicks, in which heis only trying to nail down the ones he’s currently got. You aren’t impressed. He’s getting a sh*tty wingman. But you will provide it with to him — the text-message-to-bedroom method occasionally operates. Often it does not. Occasionally you get shut down. And sometimes the lady you are talking to takes it in a totally different way. Nonetheless it requires much less undertaking than attempting to get on club.

We are looking some actual text-message exchanges that skate around a dating or gender concern. The people you may have at 2 a.m. that start with, “Hey :)” and somehow finish garnering a reply through the girl on the other hand — whether positive or bad.

Here are a few examples from… ahem… some dudes we know.

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